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Very Nice Job !

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there's a glitch that allows me to throw sprites around using the flags, it's very funny to watch what happens. Helps when you need sprites to dissapear. Thanks a lot, despite it not working for bigger sprites. I think it adds to the experience.

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How can you make a 6 tile actor like your rover change facing direction by swaping the 2 left tile with the 2 right tile and mirror the 2 middle tile

I have the same issue!


It works fine in GBS 2.0 - the author is just saying it's not written for more than 9 actors.  I was able to bump it up to 14 by starting the variable count at 80 and modifying the "ParentedActors.c" file with this code:

void PositionParentedActors() {
  UBYTE j;
  // Linked sprite magic
  for (UBYTE i = 1; i < 15; ++i) // loop through the control variables
  UBYTE parent = script_variables[i+80] & 0x0F;
  UBYTE L = script_variables[i+80] & 0x10;
  UBYTE U = script_variables[i+80] & 0x20;
  UBYTE D = script_variables[i+80] & 0x40;
  UBYTE R = script_variables[i+80] & 0x80;
  // set position relative to player
  if (parent == 15) {

Thanks a lot

Is this ready for GB Studio 2.0?

when might it be fully ready?


This is so cool! Am I understanding this correctly that it’s not compatible with GBstudio 2 yet?

 future updates to this patch will be incompatible with the current variable configuration.

Can't wait to try this! Thank you!

Love the astro-style sprites. Great stuff.

This is super legit...


Hah, awesome! Super hacky but looks great! :D

Nice work!

super! Love your work so far